Departments & Agencies


County Tax Department

Description: The County Tax Commissioner and Tax Assessors Offices are responsible for assessing and collecting taxes on all real property in Decatur County and for creating the Tax Digest. Both offices are located across from each other on the first floor of the County Courthouse located on Water Street in Bainbridge.

Tax Commissioner’s Office

Mark Harrell, Tax Commissioner – 229-248-3021

Tax Assessor’s Office

Amy Rathel, Chief Tax Appraiser – 229-248-3008

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Description: The Grady County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is responsible for providing emergency and non-emergency 911 ambulance response, evaluation, treatment and transport to the citizens of Decatur County and to its visitors 24 hours a day.

Decatur EMS – 229-246-2867

For Emergencies, call 911

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Description: The Decatur County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is responsible for coordinating and administering countywide all-hazards emergency management and disaster preparedness for Decatur County.

EMA Director

Charlie McCann: DCF&R Fire Chief – 229-248-3869

EMA Deputy Director

Tonya Griffin: E-911 Director – 229-248-3860

Fire Department

Description: Decator County Fire & Rescue Department is responsible for responding to situations that involve fire and rescue, including structures, automobiles, and other situations where urgent emergency medical care is needed. Located at  Decatur County Industrial Park, 4th Ramp.

Fire Chief

Charlie McCann, DCF&R Chief: 229-248-3011

For Emergencies, call 911

Solid Waste Facility

Description: Decatur County Solid Waste Facility is located at mile marker 3 on U.S. Hwy. 27, or three miles north of the Florida-Georgia state line. Commercial and residential garbage, as well as inert materials, and construction and demolition materials are accepted at this facility. Current operating hours at the  Solid Waste Facility at Hwy. 27 South are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. until noon on the 1st and 3rd Saturday.


Andrew Jones

County’s MSW Facility number, 229-465-3188

For curbside pick-up in county, call Seminole Sanitation at 229-246-0965

Bainbridge-Decatur County Marshal’s Office

Description: This department is responsible for planning county activities including all developmental services in Decatur County. Issuing building permits, enforcing ordinances, zoning and regulations/laws applicable to Decatur County residents and visitors and perfoming inspections are under the jurisdiction of this department

Phone:  229-248-2000

Probate Court

Description:  The mission of the Probate Court is to carry out the duties assigned to it under the Constitution and laws of Georgia as a Court of Record. 

Marriage License:

  • $38.00 with notarized counseling sheet (certification of completion of qualifying premarital education forms can be picked up at our office prior to obtaining marriage license. These forms must be notarized.)
  • $78.00 without counseling

Applicants are asked to call or come by our office prior to applying for a marriage license to confirm the parties have the necessary documents to obtain a marriage license.

  • Certified copies of marriage licenses are $20.00 if picked up in person or $21.00 if request is mailed into our office.  If request is mailed, you must list both parties full names, date of marriage, address to mail certified copy along with a phone number and/or email.



 Year’s Support

 Temporary Guardianship of Minor

 Minor & Adult Guardianships/Conservatorships

 Weapons Carry License

  • New Application Fee $76.00
  • Renewal Application Fee $35.00 (Applicant must bring driver’s license and old weapons carry license to qualify for renewal.

All weapons carry license must in the form of cashier’s check or money order made payable to Probate Court or debit/credit card.  We do not accept personal checks or cash to process any weapons carry licenses.

Weapons Carry Licenses are processed between the hours of 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m)

Our office does accept debit/credit cards for any services. Please call our office prior to filing petitions for filing fee costs. The Probate Court staff is not allowed to give legal assistance or provide clerical assistance.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 234, Bainbridge GA 39818

Physical address: 112 West Water Street

Eric Gay, Judge

Jessica Hood, Clerk

Yvonne Jenkins, Clerk

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Public Works

Description: The Decatur County Public Works department is responsible for maintaining, and in many cases, constructing/new roads in Decatur County outside of the city limits. Activities include keeping dirt roads and ditches clean and in good condition, resurfacing paved roads, filling and patching pot holes, removing debris from highway, highway-side landscaping, and traffic control during road maintenance. Emergency road operations in the County are often referred to Public Works.

Supervisor / Department Head

Dennis Medley, Director: 229-248-3037

Sheriff’s Office

Description: The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for Decatur County and is responsible for operating and maintaining the county’s jail, investigating crimes and offenses, making arrests, serving writs, seizing property after judgment when necessary, enforcing traffic regulations on county roads, and maintaining coordinating law enforcement activities with other law enforcement organizations as situations may require. The Sheriff’s Department is also responsible for providing security in county and district court. The Sheriff has county-wide jurisdiction, but usually concentrate activities outside city limits.  The Sheriff ‘s Office has its own support personnel in addition to the investigators and deputies. The sheriff is elected every four years and also sets bail bond policy for the county and sets bail amounts for individuals who are arrested and require bond.

Supervisor / Department Head

Wiley Griffin, III; Sheriff – 229-248-3044

For emergencies, call – 911

Industrial Park/Water / Sewer / Natural Gas

Description: The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining the Decatur County Industrial Park including buildings and grounds, airport and other services.

The water and sewer department is responsible for water pollution control and sewer maintenance, operating the waste water processing center and natural gas system for the Industrial Park.

Supervisor / Department Head: 229-248-3013

Correctional Institute

Description: The Decatur County Correctional Institute houses state inmates and inmates that have been sentenced through Decatur County State Court. It is physically located on Airport Road, across from the Sheriff’s Office & Jail.

Department Head

Gordon Screen, Warden: 229-248-3035

Administrative Office

Phone: 229-248-3035


Decatur County Coroner Kenny Hollis

Decatur County Health Department, 928 West St. 229-248-3055

Decatur County Environmental Health, 309 Airport Rd, Ansley Johnson, Dir., 229-248-3058

Decatur County Extension Agency, 1213 Vada Road 229-248-3033

Georgia Ports Authority, 1321 Spring Creek Road., Kenneth Slater, Mgr., 229-248-2902

Vocational Rehabilitation Services, 502 W. Shotwell St., Valerie Moore, Mgr.,229-248-2480

Veterans Services, 307 East Broughton Street, Craig Couturier, Manager, 229-248-2599

Department of Labor, 310 South Scott Street, 229-248-2618, Fax 229-248-2681

Learning is For Everyone (LIFE), Debbie McIntyre, Director

(Certified Literate Community, GED programs and scholarships etc.) 229-220-4129 or e-mail

Department of Family and Children Services, located at 505 Amelia Ave. in Bainbridge, Jackie Bridges, Director, 229-248-2420

Decatur County Mental Health Center, 1005 S. Washington St., Bainbridge, 229-248-2683 (Kids First and other services now located in this facility)

Georgia Pines Decatur-Seminole Service Center, 333 Airport Road, 229-246-6108

Decatur County Neighborhood Service Center, 1732 Bethel Road, 229-246-3119



Pictured from left are the County’s Health Department on West Street and Mental Health Building on Washington Street.