Decatur County Airport


SERVICES: Instrument Landing System (ILS) on main Runway 27 available, as well as non-directional beacon system (NDB.) Phillips 66 fuel products available via self-service credit card fueling (Visa and Master Card), 24 hours a day; self-fueling and trucked fuel service for both piston and turbine aircraft offered during regular operating hours Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Saturday and Sundays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Terminal (Fixed Base Operator) closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days only. Pilot lounge at FBO available 24 hours a day for pilots and crews only. Other servicesavailable include snack area and kitchen, meeting room for small conferences, courtesy car and/or van transport and weather information, which can also be obtained by calling 248-2104. People wishing to fly in outside of regular hours who need assistance may call 248-3004 during regular operating hours to ensure an airport attendant will meet them upon arrival in Decatur County.

PHONE: (229) 248-2103

FAX: (229) 243-2086

For general aviation rules and information, go the Federal Aviation Administration site. For airport-specific information, you may also visit Identifier letters for the Decatur County airport are: BGE

Pictured is the airport terminal, or Fixed Base Operator (FBO), located at 415 Fourth Ramp at the Decatur County Industrial Park on U.S. Highway 27, five miles Northwest of Bainbridge.

Located to the east of the new airport terminal at the County’s Industrial Park is a World War II-era double hangar that is currently rented for private plane storage. Decatur County Commissioners have plans to repair and upgrade this historic building, first built by the Department of Defense as part of the Bainbridge Army Airfield, in 1943.